Laurel & Sunset

by The Sweet Remains

Released 2008
Released 2008
Collaboration between Rich Price, Greg Naughton, and Brian Chartrand creates chilled out acoustic music with great harmonies and a perfect laid back feel.
THE SWEET REMAINS is the unusual collaboration (these days) of three lead singer-songwriters. Featuring 3-part harmony and folk-rock instrumentation, the band was born in 2008 when RICH PRICE, GREG NAUGHTON and BRIAN CHARTRAND met for a chance jam-session in a Rhode Island hotel room and felt they had discovered a special synergy.

The band's music has been featured in film & TV, highlighted by USA Today as a 'pick of the week,' and included in best-selling Putumayo 'Acoustic Cafe' compilation. Releases include:3

Laurel & Sunset (studio album 2008)
Live At Canal Room (CD/DVD 2012)
North & Prospect (studio album 2013)
Merry Christmas (single 2013)